About The Slow Parenting Movement

Jean Alice Rowcliffe, founder of the Slow Parenting Movement, brings to community, a commitment and enthusiasm to help families at whatever stage they may find themselves. “Miss Jean’s” particular passion, is to remind and teach families the value of slowing down and being mindful of every stage in their child’s development. Letting go of the need to orchestrate their children’s lives and understanding the essential and crucial value of play, is an essential component of the slow parenting movement. Living respectfully in community is also an important value of her work.

Over 30 years of working with families in the UK and America have provided “Miss Jean” with valuable experience and insights and her no nonsense approach to child rearing and household organization has given many families renewed confidence and vigor.

In the mid- 1970s, “Miss Jean” graduated Head Nurse from the prestigious Norland College in England.  She was chosen by TRH Prince and Princess Michael of Kent to raise their children at Kensington Palace. Prior to her training, she worked for the Queen of England in Buckingham Palace.

In the late 1980’s, “Miss Jean” traveled to San Francisco where a long list of families have benefited from her expertise in child-rearing, family household management, and most recently, since the death of her only child in 2009, grief support services.

Having been the mother of a teen son, she understands many of the issues facing parents today.  While in San Francisco, “Miss Jean” founded and created the award-winning, non-profit, family-resource center, “The Village Well, Inc.”  Over the years, The Village Well has become a community sanctuary for many, where the principles of the Slow Parenting Movement are practiced daily.  Parents find a sense of calm in an environment where no cell phones are allowed and they are supported and encouraged to understand the value of early-childhood play.

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