Ten Principles of The Slow Parenting Movement

It is important to carefully study and internalize the ten guiding principles of the Slow Parenting Movement.  Without putting these principles into practice, they remain simply as information.  There are no quick fixes to becoming slow and mindful. It requires patience and thoughtful choices. At the core of your decision making must be trust, in your instincts, and letting go of the insecurity that is so pervasive in this overly competitive culture we now live in.

1. Turn off technology for at least one hour each day (more is preferable).

2. BE the parent – stop trying to be your child’s friend.

3. Cultivate the ability to observe your child, and other children, and be mindful of those observations. Notice the developmental differences at various ages.

4. Homes are the first schools, Parents are the first teachers. Understand and value the importance of your role.

5. A child’s work is to play.

6. You give life, but are NOT your child’s life.

7. It’s okay to say no. Set Boundaries and stop the incessant spinning.

8. Less is more – creativity is often born out of boredom.

9. Understand, respect and honour community – both inside and outside the home

10. Learn to cultivate the quiet  spaces during the day and make time to empty the mind – opening yourself to gratitude and awe.

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